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Recruiting the right people at all levels

With more than 25 years in the industry, we know the importance of finding the right candidate for the job – preferably the first time. This experience, combined with our vast network of candidates, is what we draw on when helping to fill a permanent position. 

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Recruitment requires resources. Therefore, it is important to be matched with the right candidate for the position right away in order to avoid wasting unnecessary time and money. 

For 25 years, we have specialised in creating effective recruitment processes for our clients, whether they are looking for a warehouse assistant or a supply chain manager. 

Needs-based recruitment

Successful recruitment is based on a clear understanding of each organisation's needs and situation.  

For some, focus is on speed – a start-up production or warehouse needs to be staffed in a short time to maintain operations.

For others, focus is on specialised skills – a business-critical position needs to be filled by the right candidate, who is hard to find.   

Whether the need is one or the other or something else entirely, at JKS we have a proven process that helps ensure a smooth solution and a value-creating result.

Together, we create the right match

Together, we create the right match

You save time and resources

We handle the entire recruitment process and finding the right match – ensuring that you can focus on what matters to you and your organisation. 

You receive advice and a sounding board

We base our business on close relationships. Combined with our experience and business acumen, this ensures that you get value-adding advice at all levels. 

You get a quality guarantee

We vouch for the match we make. That's why we always find you a new employee free of charge if the candidate fails to meet your expectations. 

A holistic approach to your business

Recruitment is about finding people and companies that are right for each other – in every way. For this reason, at JKS we have a range of services to ensure greater cohesion and drive. 

Search & selection
We find and match more than 500 employees, specialists and managers with companies every year. Our Search & Selection services are targeted at most sectors and at all levels.
Onboarding is an important dialogue tool for ensuring that new employees get going faster, succeed and stay motivated.
Through a combination of joint and individual candidate tests, interviews and surveys, at JKS we uncover the strengths, potentials and challenges of your employees and the entire team.
Our figures show that more than 70% of employees who have been helped by our advisors return to work within three months.

Fields of expertise

Sales and commerce

Want to learn more?

If you would like to know more about your options, feel free to contact us at Career. We look forward to meeting you. 

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