Get the right HR solution on the spot

If the company has a large number of temporary and project employees, it can make sense to choose an in-house HR solution from JKS. This helps you free up internal resources and allows you to focus more on core tasks. 

In a dynamic world, there are a multitude of elements that affect everyday life. At JKS, we understand this. And it's what our in-house HR solution was designed for.  

One of our skilled consultants will sit with you in your organisation and take over all or most of your HR and recruitment tasks, including hiring and planning. We literally get inside your business and solve things on the spot. 

With our in-house HR solution, as a company you get strong professional competences for the tasks with daily insight into your culture and business and, at the same time, easy access to knowledge, feedback, advice and analyses.  

All our HR solutions are developed in close collaboration with you. They can be planned for fixed days or weeks or limited to certain peak periods. 

Why you should choose JKS

Mobilising internal resources

We take care of some or all of the HR, recruitment and staffing work so that you get the right employees in the right numbers and more freedom to focus on your core tasks. 

Close, flexible and valuable co-operation

You get a natural expert and go-to person with insight into your business who can provide ongoing support and help you adapt staffing to your organisation's goals. 

100% focus on your business

You get an experienced and skilled consultant who is 100% dedicated to your daily business needs and challenges. 

Want to learn more?

For several years, we have taken responsibility for HR tasks for both large and small organisations in a wide range of industries. We're there every step of the way – from recruitment and staff interviews to sick leave, payroll and holiday planning. 

We are always ready for a casual chat about how an HR solution can create flexibility and value for your organisation. 

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