The right match between job and candidate

Good people rarely grow on trees. At JKS and Career, our Search & Selection makes the difficult process easier and more efficient. Our experience, network and proven approach ensure that we find not only the best but also the right people for the job and your organisation. 

We find and match more than 500 employees, specialists and managers with companies every year. Our Search & Selection services are targeted at most sectors and at all levels. 

The right candidate will not be found if recruitment is not done right. That's why our work is always based on knowledge, insight and a deep understanding of your organisation, activities and industry. 

We go the extra mile and systematically familiarise ourselves with the professional and social competences needed to succeed in the job. Because ending up with the wrong hire can quickly become costly on all fronts in your organisation.   

The core of our recruitment is about more than providing you with a new employee. It is about securing exactly the right candidate that helps your business grow. 

Search – the art of finding the right one

After identifying the precise needs and performance requirements, we search the market for the most suitable candidates for each position. We do this through our extensive network and with some of the best search tools in the industry. Of course, we also look for a match in our large CV database. 

We uncover all options and thoroughly check the competences and potential of each candidate in order to create the best possible basis for the final choice. 

Selection – the art of making the right choice

We screen, interview and assess the selected candidates based on our profile and competence requirements, developed in collaboration with you and your company. 

If we – and you – see the right match in one of the candidates, a job offer and contract will be drawn up. 

We build on knowledge and experience

At JKS, we have close knowledge of companies and key people across industries – and we use our knowledge and insight to develop the right search strategy. Whether it is through LinkedIn or our networks and databases. 

We emphasise quality and efficiency at every stage. We recognise that both are a factor. 

Combined with a professional and motivational approach, this ensures that we not only get it right, but also that candidates and companies alike are satisfied. 

Want to learn more?

If you would like to know more about your options, feel free to contact us at Career. We look forward to meeting you. 

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