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If your company is looking for an experienced and specialised temporary staffing partner in transport and logistics, JKS is one of the best places to start.  

JKS is Denmark's largest staffing agency with 41 branches across the country. For more than 25 years, we have been companies' preferred supplier of staffing solutions, and as the only major temporary employment agency in Denmark, we have the necessary licences to hire out temporary drivers – both for freight transport and for vans. 

See license (Danish Vognmandstilladelse)

The transport sector is facing a challenge

The transport industry is being challenged by something as fundamental as a shortage of drivers. Several analyses say that this challenge will only increase in the future, as the average age of drivers is high and many of them are expected to leave the labour market in the coming years. 

To reverse this trend, it is important that all actors in the industry work together – not only to retain drivers, but also to recruit new ones. 

This is where we at JKS Transport come in. Not only do we have more than 25 years of experience in the field, our local presence allows us to tailor solutions on the spot. As the only major temporary employment agency in Denmark, we also have the necessary licences to legally hire out temporary drivers – both for freight transport and for vans.  

At the same time, our temporary worker base enables us to ensure a sufficient flow of employees and recruit new drivers – both within and outside Denmark. 

Why you should choose JKS Transport

Simple and efficient process

We handle all the practicalities – including clarification of qualifications, driving licences, training certificates, experience and references.  

Hire of temporary drivers

As experts in the field, we also have the necessary licences to hire temporary drivers for freight transport and vans.  

We help you all the way

We recruit for both temporary and permanent positions and offer 'try-and-hire' schemes, where the driver starts as a temp with a view to permanent employment 

Want to learn more?

We are always ready for a casual chat about how our solutions for the transport industry can create value for your organisation. 

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